Time - 10:00am to 4:30pm

Full Day Places Available - 4

Observational Places Available - 6

What is Clipper Work : Fading 

We have designed this course with Hairdressers looking to improve their clipper work, student Barbers or Barbers just starting their career in mind. This course would also be suitable for Barbers looking to refresh their knowledge of fading or returners to the craft. 

In this course we will cover our fundamental method of fading which will enable you to develop an understanding of fading and give you the framework for creating more consistent fades and tapers.

 What you will learn

We will cover the basics of fading, you will learn the system we use daily to create consistent fades and tapers. We take our method and break it down so that you can learn and replicate it.

 What we require from you

The desire to learn and as many questions as you have! This training is informal and highly interactive, we highly encourage you to get involved to get as much out of this day as possible. We also need you to bring all your own equipment for the afternoon practical session and arrange for your model to be there at 1pm. 

 Photography and certificate

At the end of the practical session you will get a studio quality photograph of your model for your portfolio. All attendees will receive a Rum Barber Education certificate upon completion of the course.


10:00 Demonstration and theory session

12:30 Lunch

 1:00 Practical session

4:00 Photography session


Dates: 24/11/2019

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